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How to fix the hole in the Gulf of Mexico?

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Solution for Oil spill In MexicoQuestion to Radhanath Swami : How to fix the Problem of Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Radhanath Swami addresses the problem in his lecture on 23 June 2010

In the Gulf of Mexico there is oil coming out of the ground. It is the biggest news of America. Tens and thousands of gallons of oil is coming out into the ocean everyday. They are trying to stop it since the last 65 days, but are failing. It is considered to be one of the worst manmade disasters in the history of America. And it may take hundreds of years for that area to ecologically recover. The oil company is finding it difficult to fix it because it’s very deep, about 1 mile below the sea surface.

Radhanath Swami speaks of a hole that’s elsewhere

But the problem is much deeper than one mile. Deep within the hearts of people, there are holes of anhankar, of ego. And from that hole, the toxic oils of greed, lust, anger and pride are pouring into our consciousness and polluting it. And because the consciousness of human beings is polluted, they are polluting the world. It is due to ego, which gives rise to greed.  Even if they patch up that hole in the Gulf of Mexico, but if they don’t patch up the hole in the hearts, they are just going to make another hole, and another hole, and another hole, and bigger problems will come in the future. Bhakti is the process of both healing that hole in the heart, and cleaning the toxic wastes in our consciousness. It fills our heart with amrita, nectar of prema, nectar of love of God.

From fixing the hole within to fixing the hole without, by Radhanath Swami

And when that fills our hearts, we in turn can fill the whole ocean of material world with that same nectar of love of God. The chanting of the holy names, the prime process of bhakti yoga, will stop the toxic oils of lust and greed from entering our consciousness, and fill our hearts with real pleasure we are looking for.  Namsamkirtan is chanting of holy names of Radha and Krsna, and is the most enjoyable type of spiritual practice. Not only is it fun, but it’s the greatest need in human society. When we take the holy names, we connect to the mercy of the holy names. When we chant together in kirtan, the power of Radha and Sri Krishna permeates the whole world. Thus we could be instruments of real change in this world.


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