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Attitude of gratitude – a bridge to God

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GratitudeQuestion to Radhanath Swami: How can we develop godly qualities which will help us to re-establish our relationship with God?

Radhanath Swami Answers: By developing gratitude we can re-connect with God. Gratitude is a divine virtue and it leads to developing other saintly qualities. Spirituality grows like a seed in the field of our heart. By balancing our life style we protect that seed and we water it with our spiritual practises like chanting God’s names, reading scriptures, and rendering service to God and its people. It is gratitude that makes our hearts more fertile and allowing other virtues like sincerity and honesty to develop.

Gratitude is to be grateful and seek an opportunity to grow beyond the immediate circumstances that we come across. We should be grateful for our successes or failures, honour or dishonour, happiness or distress, health or disease, victory or defeat, heat or cold, pleasure or pain. In all these situations, not only we should see an opportunity to learn something but ultimately search for prospects to take shelter of the higher power of God. When we take shelter of God we find that life has inconceivable treasures in every moment. Then we will see hand of God in every situation and will feel connected with him.


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