Fence your fears. Radhanath swami tells how.

In Fear

In FearQuestion to Radhanath Swami: They say that we can use all our emotions for the service of Lord. How can fear be utilized?

Radhanath Swami : If our fears are spiritual then they can help come closer to God. If you will pray to Radha and Krishna and express your fear that you may never forget them, then that is a spiritual fear.  The only fear a God conscious person should have is that he or she may forget God.  So you should pray, “Oh Lord! Let anything happen to me! But as long as I can remember you, I am perfectly situated in life. You can take away anything from me or you can give anything to me but just help me to remember you always.  That I may forget you is my only fear.”  This type of fear will always keep us closer to Krishna and will increase the feelings of our love for him.  Our other worldly fears are based on attachment to the temporary objects of the senses.  So until we are not thoroughly detached from the material life, the spiritual fear will not awaken in our hearts.  So don’t try to give up you fears; rather learn to dovetail your fears on the right path that leads to Krishna.



By Radhanath Swami

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