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Forgiving our dear ones

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forgivenessQuestion to Radhanath Swami: We understand that we should cultivate forgiveness.  When it comes to close friends, we forgive them once or twice,  but if they hurt us repeatedly we become angry. And the anger that comes out of us is a compounded one.

How do we continue to tolerate?

Answer by Radhanath Swami:In essence, we should not lose our discrimination.  For example, if a child is naughty and offensive, the parent being the well wisher forgives the child. But at the same time, as a well wisher, the parent does discipline the child for the child’s welfare. Not as a matter of hatred or vengeance, but for the welfare. Similarly, in certain situations one has to protect the innocent as well as help rectify a person just as it may be necessary. But when things come upon us personally, we should really understand that it’s an opportunity for us to pass through karma and become purified by turning to God in that situation. If we see it in that light then the situation becomes a very meaningful and a very deeply spiritual experience.


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