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How to get the ‘Higher Taste’ in Spirituality?

By on October 15, 2010 in Insights with 44 Comments

Higher TasteQuestion to Radhanath Swami: I have heard that bhakti yoga provides a ‘higher taste.’ But how do you define ‘higher taste’? And how to get that ‘higher taste’?

Answer: If you want to taste a gulab-jamun (an Indian sweet), what do you do? Do you chemically test it? Do you see it from all directions under a micro-scope? Do you discuss the recipe? Or do you eat it? So, if you want to get the higher taste you have to simply experience Lord Krishna.

The higher taste comes through practice. But we first hear from the right sources and get the right directions to know what to do to get that higher taste. And then to realize it and taste it, we apply that knowledge in our life, we practice it.

While practicing, we must also restrain from lowering tendencies, in order to become purified. And as we become purified, we experience the higher taste.


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