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The key to unlimited pleasure; get it from Radhanath Swami

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boredQuestion to Radhanath Swami: Boredom attacks me soon in life. Where will I find never ending pleasure?


Radhanath Swami Answers: If your pleasure is coming from the body, then ultimately you will be frustrated. But if you are deriving pleasure from what is within your body, your happiness and your peace will be never ending. This pleasure coming from within is not subjected to the natural conditions of this physical world but it is on a spiritual platform. Our consciousness is the symptom of the presence of the soul and it is eternal. Our consciousness is directly connected to god, who is the supreme source of all consciousness. It is just like a sunray emanating from sun. The sun ray is right here on the earth but it doesn’t belong to earth. Because it is coming from the sun it has the same qualities as the sun. Similarly, we are conscious and not unconscious. This world is made of matter which is unconscious but the soul is conscious. The soul has directly nothing to do with unconscious matter, although it’s happens to be here. Its source is god, who is the supreme source of all consciousness. So when we understand that we are a part of god, even within this physical body and watch the body going through the process of old age, disease, and death, we will feel no suffering. The body will suffer, but the soul will find its pleasure in god. The soul will find pleasure where real pleasure is within your own existence.


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