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What does it mean—seeing through the eyes of the scriptures? Radhanath Swami clarifies….

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Seeing Through ScripturesQuestion to Radhanath Swami: I have often heard the phrase, “seeing through the eyes of the scriptures.” What does that mean?

Radhanath Swami: What we may witness in the world, we must learn to process that information through the knowledge we have read in the Holy Scriptures and the knowledge we have heard from the great saintly people. Therefore, any national or international events that occur, anything that happens in the lives of those around us, and anything that happens in our own lives, we try to interpret them in such a way that it gives us real understanding and realizations. And that will help us in coming closer to God. This is how we should always be absorbed and this absorption brings real fulfillment and excitement to life.

So it is said that a learned person does not see through his/her eyes but sees with his/her ears.


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