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Practicality of spirituality, cool connect for youth

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Youth & SpiritualityQuestion to Radhanath Swami: Today’s youth is becoming indifferent to spiritual education. How will you appeal, as a Guru, this generation to be spiritual and yet be cool?

Radhanath Swami Answers: I see a tremendous potential among the youth of India to seriously go to the roots of the spirituality. But in our society religion is sometimes based on superstitions, and sentiments without a real scientific philosophical understanding. The previous generation has grown up in a culture where they never questioned these things and just accepted it. Today’s children challenge and question every act. These kids want scientific and practical philosophical evidence for everything and if their parents can’t give it, they don’t accept it. They find such practices superstitious and sentimental whereas they want to accept things that are out of the box. If they actually hear the same practices of religion, with a philosophical scientific practical explanation then they will accept it. So potentially these agnostic children could be the most powerful saintly people in our country, they just need a right connect.


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