Are problems opportunities..? Radhanath Swami unveils

Problems are opportunities

Problems are opportunitiesQuestion: Even while we are in devotional service, we face such big problems. Is it because we are not serious or Krishna has some plan…

Radhanath Swami Answers: Problems in devotional service are opportunities. Krishna gives us the opportunity to go up or down in devotional service, and he does not interfere with our independent choice. Even though He knows how we will act still He gives us a chance. We may fail but even that will help us to improve in devotional service because in Bhakti the reaction of a mistake is the perfect arrangement for one to advance more. Whether we do the right thing or the wrong thing, in either case, we have the perfect opportunity to advance. But in order to actually advance, we have to give up doing the wrong doings completely. Sometimes we make mistakes, and the result shatters our sense of security in this world very badly. Such an incident is the perfect opportunity to give up making mistakes. As it is said, “Experience is the best teacher.”Ideally, a person hears the Shastra, hears from the devotees, understands what is right and what is wrong and follows it. Another person, not up to the ideal level,  is not willing to follow it. And therefore he/she has to be smashed by Krishna with an arrangement, an arrangement that smashes him/her mentally and physically. In that condition, he/she finally comes to the realization “I am going to stop making these mistakes forever. I am going to live according to guru’s words.”



By Radhanath Swami

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