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Self Confidence vs. Over Confidence

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CobraQuestion to Radhanath Swami: How will you distinguish between self confidence and over confidence?

Radhanath Swami Answers: We should be willing to take risks and have courage to go beyond what we feel we can do. But is has to be realistic. Enthusiasm and patience are necessary for real achievement on the spiritual platform.

In one sense we should not be afraid of being over confident, if it is based on the proper foundation of confidence and faith. However, we should not be stupid. Srila Praphupada, our Guru, used to say that you shouldn’t go to the forest and embrace the tiger, even though you know that God is in the heart of the tiger; you shouldn’t lovingly kiss the lips of a cobra, even though you know that he is a child of God. That is a type of over confidence, because it’s just beyond your level of reality. You have to be intelligent.

So there must be proper utilization of intelligence and at the same time enthusiasm and patience, devoid of arrogance. But don’t be afraid to strive for things beyond the horizon of your ideals.


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