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What if everyone becomes a Swami? Radhanath Swami takes the challenge…

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Hare-Krishna_DevoteesEngineering  student to Radhanath Swami: Swamiji, spirituality is all impractical. What if everybody became like you? Who will grow the food? Who will build the houses? Who will do the business? Who will protect the citizens?

Radhanath Swami: What if everyone in the world became an engineer like you?(audience laughs)

There is a need for doctors, lawyers, teachers and professors; there is a need for architects, politicians, soldiers, and dress makers; there is a need for every type of occupation within this world. There is also a need for people in the renounced order who are trying to enlighten people in whatever they are doing. Becoming God conscious does not necessarily mean to become a Swami. At the same time there is a need in society for Swamis, to remind everybody else how they are supposed to be living (in God consciousness).


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