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Radhanath Swami’s Answer to “Why Did God Create Evil & Negativity?”

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Why did god create Evil & NegativityQuestion to Radhanath Swami: What was God’s purpose behind putting elements of negativity in the creation?

Radhanath Swami : We are responsible for the negativity. God creates the opportunity, but then according to our desires and our ambitions we create the world we live in, the situations of this world. Just like, a father gives his children so many nice gifts. The children have the right to use those gifts to do something very nice for each other or they can beat each other with their gifts. So that’s the choice of the children.

God is like the sun. Sun is all light, Sun is the source of all energy within this world. Is it not? Now, what if you turn your back to the Sun? You see shadow. Shadow means darkness. Is there darkness in the Sun? No. Similarly, there is no bad or evil in God. There is only pure good and love in God. But when we turn our back to Him, we see ignorance, darkness, and the absence of God. Since time immemorial we are just becoming more and more deeply involved in the intricacies and implications of the darkness of the shadow. Human life is meant to turn around again towards light and be enlightened. It is really simple—just turn around and your whole life becomes enlightened.


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