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Should we Take Care of this Body as well? Let’s hear from Radhanath Swami

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Care of body In Krishna ConsiousnessQuestion to Radhanath Swami: Sometimes we have to think of our body and have to take great care of our body, especially during disease. Is that ok?

Radhanath Swami: How to realize the soul? By simply using this precious and sacred body that God has given us in harmony with the true interests of the soul. We like to eat, so we eat prasäd, food sanctified by first offering it to God. We like to speak, so we speak transcendental subject matters. We like to hear, so we hear transcendental subject matters. And we use  our sense of movement to act for the welfare of others. So, to use this body that we have in harmony with the actual self-interest of the soul is the path of realization.  The easiest process to accomplish this is Nama Sankirtan, using the body to dance for Krishna and using the sense of speech to chant the names of Krishna. It is a beautiful experience which has a very, very, very powerful effect of awakening our original natural consciousness.


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