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Confused? Radhanath Swami says it could be a blessing in disguise

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ConfusionQuestion to Radhanath Swami-  Swamiji, I guess we are all made for a purpose. But if we are at a confused state of life, how would we really know what our purpose in life is?

Answer by Radhanath Swami- Confusion is a blessing. Because when we are confused, it shakes us from our complacency, and we start asking the questions that you are asking today.

And this is the basis of the Bhagavad Gita: Arjuna was in total illusion. Then he became extremely confused; he thought his illusion was truth. The Bhagvad Gita begins were Arjuna is telling Krishna why he will not fight and he cannot fight. He had such good logic, such good scientific philosophical socialistic reasons. But ultimately all of his reasoning couldn’t really save him from distress, because the nature of the world is that things happen that we just don’t want to happen, but it’s going to happen anyways; it’s the nature of this place.

Then Arjuna was confused and in his confusion he turned to God. kārpaṇya-doṣopahata-svabhāvaḥ pṛcchāmi tvāṁ dharma-sammūḍha-cetāḥ. “Now I am bewildered, I am confused, I don’t know what is to be done and what is not to be done. Please instruct me.” Confusion can shake us from our complacent comfort zone and that’s often times what we need to grow, to grow beyond from where we are; and in that confusion we seek answers. And when we seek it in Satsang—in the association of saintly people, in spiritual literatures, in the names of God—then we can find the real faith, the real conviction, the real realization that forever frees us from this confusion. So confusion is a blessing, if we respond accordingly.


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