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Faith, surrender and love. Are they interconnected?

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Faith in godQuestion to Radhanath Swami: We talk of faith, surrender and love. Are the three interconnected?

Radhanath Swami Answers: Love is important. It’s the fruit of the tree of our sadhana, our spiritual practices. And faith is the root through which our sadhana is nourished. So faith too is very important. If we do not have proper faith, our sadhana is superficial; you cannot really put your heart into something unless you have faith. For example if we don’t have faith that there really is a God, how can we put our heart into praying? If we don’t have faith that God hears our prayers, how could we really put our heart into it? To put our heart, faith is very important and faith comes from our previous births of cultivation and from our endeavours in this life as well.

Faith doesn’t come from outside; God awakens that faith from within in reciprocation to our sincerity, the priorities we place in our lives. To what degree we make spirituality a priority depends upon our surrender. God, Krishna, tells in Bhagavad Gita, “As you surrender to me, I reveal myself accordingly.”

It’s not a mechanical process; when God sees us sincerely putting him in the focus of our life, from within our heart he expands our faith, he expands our realizations, and he expands our love. So really everything is based on our desire. If we put God first in our life, God will reveal in our life; if we put God in the shelf of our life, God will be just sitting in the shelf of our life; if we eliminate God from our life, God will remain invisible in our life. God, Krishna, is a person in our heart. He is giving us free will and is perfectly reciprocating with our free will.

Love is not a cheap thing. Real love is the love of the soul for God, and in loving God the soul loves all parts and parcels of God. Unconditional love brings about ecstasy in our union with God and with every living being.


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