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How to Keep the Fire of Bhakti Bright? Radhanath Swami Says…

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Fire of bhaktiQuestion to Radhanath Swami: When we meet great souls the fire of bhakti is bright and clear in our hearts. But how can we keep that spark bright even when we are in the real world?

Radhanath Swami: We eat to gain strength. And it’s not that you just eat on Monday and comeback the next Sunday to eat again. You have to regularly nourish yourself, or else you get weak. Similarly, regular association with people who uplift us is all important, and regular connection with the Lord of our heart is very important for maintaining our spiritual strength.

Chanting God’s names everyday, reading through the scriptures everyday, offering sincere prayers regularly, associating with people who inspire us regularly—if we make these our priorities—spiritual life becomes very simple and very happy.   Otherwise, it’s very difficult, because there is a lot of opposition to leading a pure life in this world.


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