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Does God Exist? Radhanath Swami Takes the Challenge…

By on January 24, 2011 in Life with 94 Comments
Does God Exist?Question to Radhanath Swami: How do you know there is God?

Radhanath Swami: How do you know there is no God? Can anyone actually prove that there is no God? There are so many theories, but what really is the evidence? Was anyone there to actually eye-witness the Big Bang with a video camera? It is just a concept born in peoples’ minds which seems to make sense due to certain phenomenon that they are witnessing today. But the obvious question is, is it more logical that everything comes from nothing or that everything comes from something? If it is more logical that everything comes from something, that something is God.

Now, throughout history, who are the greatest people that ever lived? Are they the politicians? Are they the atheistic scientists? Are they the athletes? Or are they the saints who dedicated their lives, their souls and everything to the truth, who were willing to sacrifice their whole lives to enlighten people, to love God.

The saints of India, the saints of Christianity, the saints of Islam—study their lives. They lived completely pure lives. They were completely peaceful. They were completely intoxicated—intoxicated with love for God. And they spoke their realizations of God with such illuminated hearts, with such realization, that they transformed millions and millions of peoples’ lives. Are these saints liars? Is Rupa Gosvami a liar? Is Jesus a liar? Is Abraham a liar? Is Moses a liar? Is the Prophet Mohammed a liar? Is Lord Chaitanya a liar? Or is it that they all are in illusion? They lived the most resplendent lives of pure integrity as did their followers—millions and millions of them. And they are telling us that they are seeing God, they are feeling God, and they are tasting God.

So, whom to believe? Isn’t it more reasonable to believe people who are living the most pristine lives of compassion and sacrifice, of love for all living beings without discrimination; it is for each of us to decide.


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