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How can we understand extraordinary things mentioned in the Vedas?

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Hanuman swallowing sunQuestion to Radhanath Swami:  Many things written in Vedas are unbelievable. For example, it is said in the Ramayana that Hanuman wanted to swallow the whole sun. How do we understand this?

Radhanath Swami Answers:  You have seen little ants on the ground.  How much can an ant lift? And how much can you lift?  You can lift probably 100 pounds.  Is there any ant on earth that can lift 100 pounds?  No. An ant cannot comprehend what you are doing.  They do not have the intelligence to comprehend what a human being is.  If one ant would tell another ant, “I saw someone lift a 100 pound,” the other ant would never believe.

Similarly, sometimes we tend to think, “I cannot swallow the sun, so how can anyone swallow the sun?” But there are beings greater than human beings.  The Vedas say that we are like tiny ants next to such great souls as Hanuman, and with our ant like consciousness we cannot understand what they are doing. They are more powerful beings than ourselves, millions of times more powerful.  But why is that so hard to believe in the beginning? Because we are so conditioned to think we are the only reality.


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