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Isn’t Creativity more important than Spirituality?

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Creativity Not Used for godQuestion to Radhanath Swami : Isn’t Creativity more important than spirituality for progress?

Radhanath Swami : Creativity is one of the great needs of every human being for satisfaction but creativity is not the foundation. Adolph Hitler was one of the most creative men in history. He had such incredible ideas about creating an entire society, but it was based on cruelty, envy and hatred. Therefore his creativity was the cause of death and suffering of tens and millions of people. He was million times more creative then practically anyone else and  he was able to destroy millions of people’s lives with his creative ideas. Have you read about his concentration camps? How they enslaved people! How they took their teeth out and how they tortured them! How they made them workers! How they killed them! How they disposed their body! That was all creativity, but it was based on hatred. It was founded on unclean contaminated heart.

The bringing down of the World Trade Center. That was one of the most creative masterpieces of terror in history. Are we celebrating that creativity?

We should be creative but our creativity should be based on the foundation of love, peace and knowledge of God and the knowledge of soul. Then we can actually use our creative powers to do something really and truly wonderful and beneficial for ourselves, our family and the entire world.

Creativity in the service of god


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