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So many problems. Why hasn’t God Descended to Rectify? Radhanath Swami takes the Challenge…

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God's Descend to this world

Question to Radhanath Swami: We read in Gita: Krishna says that when there is a decline in religion and an up-rise in irreligion, he descends. Look at the world today; so much of irreligion, so many problems. There is tsunami of irreligion and problems crashing against practically every living entity in the whole planet- there’s an inundation. Where is God?

Radhanath Swami: Krishna has descended in this age in his name. And all the power of all the incarnations is within the name, because Krishna is non-different from his names. We simply have to chant with proper consciousness and reciprocate with his love that has descended in his name. When Krishna physically appeared five thousand years ago, very few people recognized him. So many people considered that he was just a powerful person. Similarly, when Krishna appears in his name—without association of Krishna’s loving devotees—we cannot understand, appreciate or reciprocate with the mercy of the name.

When we chant the name of the Lord sincerely, from within the heart, Radha and Krishna reveal their eternal, unlimited, and beautiful forms of the spiritual world. They reveal it in their name. We understand that the name doesn’t represent Krishna, the name is Krishna. The name reveals the qualities of the Lord, and the loving kindness of the Lord. The name reveals the abode of the Lord; within the two syllables -‘Krs’, ’na’-, within the two syllables –‘Ha’,‘re’- is the entire spiritual world. And all the pastimes of the Lord are within the name, and are revealed through the name. There is nothing else required. Through the chanting of the names, the names actually brings us right into the pastimes and reveals our constitutional identity, our eternal personality in the spiritual world; that is the power of the name.


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