Radhanath Swami gives tips to save ourselves from the exploitative world


ExploitQuestion to Radhanath Swami: There is so much exploitation around. How can I save myself?

Radhanath Swami: If people are God conscious they cannot be exploited. One can only exploit a person who is attached to enjoyment. A person who is detached from enjoyment and attached to Krishna cannot be exploited. To exploit someone, we can give them the temptations for enjoyment and perplex their intelligence to bring them under our control. Or we can create a great fear in their heart that to take away their enjoyments. So these are the two ways that people exploit each other. Today, in our society we find that our leaders are completely controlling our world using these two tactics. These are not only the political leaders but other influential people who can manipulate the trends of society. They create artificial necessities for enjoyment like drugs, liquor, television, weird music etc. which indulges people with so much enjoyment that they become completely forgetful of their real purpose in life. Such people are following only enjoyment in life and thus they lose control on their senses. This inability to control them makes them vulnerable to threats of exploitative people. On the other side, people who are detached cannot be controlled by anyone.


By Radhanath Swami

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