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Won’t the planet be benefitted if we live like animals?

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Question to Radhanath Swami: Our life should be in such a way that it should not disturb the nature. If that is true, looking to the world and if we contemplate for a while, I can conclude that only animals are things which are not disturbing the nature. Every human is disturbing the nature. The very beginning thought is – as a human we will start disturbing the nature. As a human I start to wear clothes, the wearing clothes itself somehow disturbs the nature. I start cultivating the land and eventually I start doing engineering that disturbs the nature. If we stick to our first statement that we are not supposed to disturb the nature then I should start living like an animal.

One more thing what I found is animals do follow their instinct, like what they do what they wanted to do, and they don’t really try to control themselves as we are doing now. They don’t need any temple, they don’t need any guru, and they need nothing and they are happy. Why we need these temples, why I wear this shirt, why I am doing my engineering, why all these non-sense?

Answer by Radhanath Swami: Actually athatho bhrahma jiyasa, human life is the opportunity to realize with the eternal soul, we are not this body, and to awaken our love for God; that is the specific purpose of human life. Most animals are very natural: they are eating, they are sleeping, and they are mating and defending and like that. They should be honored and respected for what they do. But, a human being is meant to go beyond just eating, sleeping, mating and defending, because with the consciousness and the intelligence that a human being has, he has to understand what is beyond birth, what is beyond death, which animals can’t do.

It’s not humans that pollute the world, it’s humans who give up their human purpose to live like animals. When we use that power to just act like animals then we pollute the world. – Radhanath Swami

Animals don’t pollute the world because they are living naturally but it is completely foreign to the nature of human life to live like an animal because we have a higher purpose. Humans are meant to be caretakers on behalf of God to all the animals and to mother Earth and to everyone.

Mother Earth is our mother and she wants to see all the human beings live in her planet for our real purpose, to love Krishna. She is bhumi, she is the pleasure potency of Narayan, and who has manifested in this form of material nature as prakriti in this world, purusha prakriti. So if we have a higher purpose and we are actually living “Simple Living High Thinking,” as Srila Prabhupada and our acharyas taught, then we make the right kind of clothes for the right purpose, and we grow the right kind of food with the right purpose. We call this as symbiotic biotechnology at our Eco Village where we are actually grateful for Mother Earth, and we try to replenish it what we take from her rather than pollute. If that is our motive and our way of life then it is not disturbing Mother Earth; it is actually giving pleasure to Mother Earth. This is the greatest thing that Mother Earth wants to see of us because we all are her children as we were happy spiritually. So even if you are an engineer and you do a few things that are not exactly eco-friendly, we should try to be as eco-friendly as possible and as sustainable with gratitude. But, even if we are doing some things – even as saints – sometimes riding cars and airplanes and the exhaust just polluting the earth, but because they are doing it for a divine purpose without selfishness, Mother Earth actually feels pleasure by that. Just like you may have a mother and if you get sick, it disturbs her but she loves you even if you are trying to get better for you trying to do well.

So if we actually take our human life seriously and try to live in harmony, then even the little pollution things are pleasing to Mother Earth; but actually as much as possible we should live in harmony with the environment. That is an expression of our love for God, for Krishna.


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